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Racing and sports simulations have made their way into the gaming industry, with various FIFA and Need for Speed competitions taking place. But not so long ago, the cyber sports discipline Rocket League emerged, which has become a new word and a real breakthrough. Teams of three players drive racing cars, but it all takes place on the football field, and the main goal is to score goals in other people’s goals.

In addition, the developers have managed to add special modifications of basketball and hockey. Dynamic and incredibly colorful discipline quickly gained popularity, but bookmakers began to take a closer look at it only recently. So what are the Rocket League betting odds and where can you place your bets?

What is Rocket League?

As the developers of the game say about their brainchild, Rocket League is a combination of arcade football and car madness, within the laws of physics. But without too much fanfare, Rocket League is a cool arcade game, the action is developed on the football field, but the players are replaced by futuristic race cars. Nice graphics, voice acting and bright scenery to top it off.

Betting features for Rocket League

At the moment bookmakers are only beginning to expand the line, but the following options have already appeared:

  • First or second team wins;
  • Handicap on the cards won;
  • Total of the cards played;
  • Exact score of cards.

The live line-up offers more interesting bets in this discipline, as there are bets such as:

  • Victory including overtime on the card;
  • Next goal;
  • First and second team individual totals;
  • Both goals scored;
  • Even/Odd Totals.

The possibilities for extending the line are visible to the naked eye. But interesting betting options can be found even now.

First stage of the competition – “minus” handicap of the favourite

In major tournaments, teams are grouped according to their position in the rankings. For this reason, top and bottom of the table will meet in the first round. Usually the favourites without too many problems deal with the underdogs – this is due to the difference in class and level of play.

Watch closely as the world rankings of the teams change.

For example, at the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Dallas 2019 tournament, there were 16 matches in the first stage, only two of which saw the teams pass the 3.5 card threshold.

Semi-finals and finals – total over cards

The decisive stages of tournaments are characterised by a best-of-7 format and the other rounds are played best-of-5. This makes it extremely difficult for the team to close the series without a run out. It should be understood that only the strongest teams, fighting to the very last seconds, make it to the decisive battle. For this reason, you can safely bet on a total of over 5.5 cards in the semi-finals and finals.

For example, at the DreamHack Pro Circuit: Leipzig 2019 tournament, this total was broken in all three matches. Moreover, in the final meeting, the favourite led 3-0, but for a long time could not end the match in their favour, to break the resistance of the opponent.

Rocket League Bets

Random matches – total less by goal

At the bookmaker’s office Fonbet there is already an opportunity to bet on a completely random match, which takes place on the expanse of the gaming client. It’s fun and interesting, but the risk is quite high as it is impossible to know the level and skills of each of the participants beforehand. But if there is one thing that goes down well, it is betting on a total of less than 7.5 goals in a random encounter.

The fact is that the teams are randomly generated, but the opposing squads happen to have players of approximately the same level, which shows the balance. Furthermore it is impossible to speak of any chemistry, as it is most likely that the users have been in the same squad for the first time, and are unlikely to ever play again. In such a situation, more often than not, teams struggle to get the ball to the other side’s goal, getting stuck in the middle of the pitch.

So far, not many features can be discerned from the statistics, but the discipline has only recently carved out a niche for itself, so it will develop patterns over time.

Where can I find information about the Rocket League?

There are few online resources that can give us any insight into the upcoming event so far. The only Russian-language online portal is Liquipedia – which is developing by leaps and bounds. There you can easily find information about line-ups and recent transfers, the list of tournaments and their schedules, results of recent tournaments.

If you go for the English-language media, you are advised to check out the Rocket league esports:

Rocket league esports – the latest news, schedules and statistics, archives of video recordings of fixtures and live broadcasts. You have to be fluent in English to be able to use the site;

Rocketleague.tracker – a simpler site, but definitely worth a visit. There’s not much information, but the most important thing is a large number of tables and rankings. You can find the names of the best players or teams and you can follow the changes in the positions of forces.


Rocket League is a fast growing eSports discipline that appeared on the scene quite recently, but due to its dynamics has gained popularity.

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