Victor Daniel Biography| Age| Music | Phone Number | State Of Origin | Church

Victor Daniel Biography| Age| Music | Phone Number | State Of Origin | Church

Victor Daniel Biography| Age| Music | Phone Number | State Of Origin | Church

Here In This Article, We are going to tell you everything you may need to know about Victor Daniel. How to Book Him for Shows etc.

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Who Is Victor Daniel? | Victor Daniel Profile

Victor Daniel is a gospel singer, a song writer and the senor pastor of lifting life Bible church, gospel house int, (LLBCGH) located at Akwa ibom state Uyo,in ibesikpo local government ,victor Daniel was born on 12 June 1988 in Kano state in badawa layout.

Victor Daniel is from Nsie Oro in okobo local government , he is the third son of Mr Daniel Okon,victor Daniel is happily married to Anni Victor Daniel, they are blessed with two wonderful children, God, s mercy victor Daniel and Victor Victor Daniel.


Victor Daniel Music Career | Lifestyle And Background

Victor Daniel believes so much in hard work, so he works hard to finance the ministry, family and his musical career.

Victor Daniel started his musical career when he was very tender, his aspiration for music was so strong that he ended up liking all kinds of music, as a teenager, though his aspiration was so strong, something was lacking, something important that would have played a very vital role in his career was lacking, and that was Support

He did not receive any support from anybody, not even from his family.

But as a young boy with a strong dream, he continues with his passion.

Victor Daniel started his musical production with secular song in 2007, from 2007 to 2010 he dropped Three secular singles, until when the greatest miracle happened in his life (, Salvation ) after his conversion, He was no longer the same again, still passionate about singing, but this time not about every song, on his own,

Victor Daniel understand that is not proper to be a child of God and then continue with secular or worldly song, so Victor entreated God to give him the grace to compose gospel song, you know God is always ready for whoever is ready for him, so God answered his prayer,and Victor Daniel switched from secular to gospel song, On December 1st 2013.

Victor Daniel dropped his first album titled, NOT ME BUT THE HOLY GHOST, since no one from his family was encouraging or coaching him, victor Daniel had to leave his family church, Christian methodist Episcopal Church, to Christ embassy and joined redeem Christian church of God, victor Daniel lunged his first album in living water parish, Badawi layout Kano, RCCG.

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The encouragement and support Victor Daniel looking for later come through his best friend, Samali mark, from Akinibode EDO state, and his new church where the album was lunged, on the laughing day victor Daniel,s family and his former church members where there, Mr. Daniel Okon who is Victor’s father, in seeing the kind of support his son revived from his church members and friends, he openly weep in regret of not supporting his own son after the lunching, victor Daniel left Kano for Lagos in search of marker which he found non, there at Lagos.


Victor Daniel discovered that music is not all about production, it’s about production and then promotion and the little money he gathered through the lunching was not enough for the promotion, he had to leave lagos to p, h, then from p. H. To Uyo his state where God connected him to a Pastor of liberation power minstry, Ejaforce, he was posted to one of the branch of the church in Ibesikpo local government where he served as the branch Pastor until the day of his resignation, in Uyo, victor Daniel would not go for album again but singles, so far, victor Daniel has dropped Three songsz,

  1. My Salvation
  2. Amma MI
  3. My God.


Their promotion has been on. And Is still going on. Halliujah, All glory to God.

So if you want to sponsor, contact or Book Victor Daniel For Shows, below are his Contact.

Phone Number:     07038735189.

Whats-app Number:  09027225199.

Facebook:   Victor Daniel.


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