Model creative writing.

  1. Tell or write a story that ends with the advice: Cut Your coat according to your size.


Rosemary Okon was the only child of the poor family of Mr. and Mrs. Oknon, The family was poor that they could hardly feed and cloths hiss little daughter. THEY WERE WALLOWING IN POVERTY AND THEREFORE could not afford to send Rosemary to school. Luck, however, shone on the family one day when Mr. Okon’s childhood friend who was well to do offered sponsors Rosemary’s education.

It was not long after this offer was made that Rosemary started her education in a nearby nursery school. Her father’s friend, Mr. Collins Obi sponsored her education right from nursery school through to secondary school. Unfortunately, while in secondary school, Rosemary join a of friends who came from wealthy families and who could afford to buy expensive clothes, shoes, bags, and many other add actives things.

Rose, as her friends fondly call her , just wanted to belong to a high class and soon after this, her horizon and orientation started to changed. She forgot the Indigent family she came from.

Shortly after, Rose realized  to her disappointment that her parents could not afford to get her the kind of expensive wears her friends had. She could not afford to live the kind of  luxurious life they were living. She had decided to pilfering clothes, shoes and bags in order to meet up with the new standard of living of her friend’s.

Firstly, she begans to steal money from the bags and wardrobes of her mates. Initaially, she pilfered money from the bags of her classmates so as to be able  to buy hamburgers during  break like her friends. Rose soon graduate to stealing money from teachers’ handbags in order to meet her expensive taste and  then finally, she started stealing clothes cleverly from expensive supermarkets.

After a while, Rose develop a taste for designers dresses. She dressed provocatively and gradually became wayward and disrespectful to her teachers and parents. All this while, her poor parent were busy trying to earn a living by farming and selling. It was not until they began to notice all the make-up their daughter applied and how disrespectful and rude she had become that they realized that something was wrong. Her mother searched her room and found all sorts of expensive clothes and bags. She decided to question her in order to find out where she (Rose) got all the expensive clothes. Rose got angry with her mother and packed out of the house. While all this was going on, her friends thought really hogh of her.

One fateful day, Rose was indeed of Dress to wear to a party. She considered all the dresses she had acquired through fraudulent means outdated and out of fashion. She wanted to appear big at the party. She then decide to steal an expensive dress in one of the shops along Atikub Abubakar road.  She got ready and off sh went. On getting into the shop. She look around to make sure that nobody was watching her. She picked the dressed up from one of the shelves in the shop, put it in her bag and pretended  she was heading to the cashier to pay for it, but headed to the exist door. At the door, a security man was always there to check people leaving the shop. Unfortunate for Rose, He (security man ) had seen him picked the dress and when she was about to go out of the shop, The security man called her back for search. She was caught with the dress tucked inside her bag and she was taken to juvenile home where teenage offenders are kept. Rose’s friends deserted her and her Parent often went there to see her.

“ Rose Cut your coat according to your size, you won’t be here now, you would be free’.

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