Real Names Of “The Johnsons” Cast And Their Role ( Nigerian Series)

The Johnsons (Nigeria Series) 

The Johnsons is a Nigerian series which airs on Africa Magic. It focuses on an average Nigerian family in Lagos, Nigeria and the challenges they face.

Names Of The Johnsons Cast And Their Role

In this Post, we are going to you the Real Names Of The Johnsons Cast And Their Role.

Complete Story Of The Johnsons( Nigerian Series)

The sitcoms central action is on Efetobore Johnson, a normal 15-year-old boy, struggling like every kid his age but has a major challenge that is completely unique to him. He is only two feet tall.
His father, Lucky Johnson works the factory line at a toilet roll manufacturing plant, but he is convinced he is a genius waiting to be discovered.
His mother believes Efe is a punishment for her past sins. His 18-year-old sister, Jennifer has a boyfriend who is in seminary school, preparing for the priesthood.
Tare, the younger brother is pulling babes five years older than he is and everyone thinks Efe is his kid brother.
Blessing the youngest is the loudest 10-year-old mouth you ever saw. The Johnsons are typical Nigeria family loud, quarrelsome yet they stick together through thick and thin.

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Complete Names Of “The Johnsons” Cast

Chinedu Ikedieze as Efe Johnson
The eldest son and by far the most brilliant, skillful with his words and often educates his family on spelling. He is usually narrating during episodes and abhors being called out for his height.

Olumide Oworu as Tari Johnson
The second male and the third child in the Johnson family. A lily-livered teenager, he often gets caught up in trends like dreadlocks, and always lies to girls when trying to impress them, which always ends up getting him in trouble, such as lying about his parents having a swimming pool in the third season.

Ada Ameh As Mrs. Emu Johnson
The mother of the family, often unappreciated because of her lack of formal education and limited vocabulary, but is the spine of the family. She got much smarter in the third season. There is normally a gimmick in some of the episodes in which she mispronounces a word only to be corrected by her family members.

Sharon Abadoni/Susan Pwajok as Blessing
The youngest child who almost always gets what she wants, and goes on a hunger strike when she doesn’t. She always gets her way and doesn’t like her other siblings getting attention, as shown when she ran away from home in season 3. Her favorite movie is Cinderella and she loves coconut cake. It has been shown in season 4 that she goes to boarding school.
Charles Inojie as Mr. Lucky Johnson
The head of the family. This man is very cheap and will look for any way to get out of spending money. He is a scientist and usually confuses his family with his choice of words. He actually becomes a well-known scientist after making Jedimaicin, a cure for ‘jedijedi’.He is frequently called “lucky lolo” by his wife, Emu.

Seun Adebajo Osigbesan As Jennifer Johnson
The oldest of the Johnson children. The last of her mates to get into the University. Always seen learning or practising Igbo, she and Emu have a strong mother-daughter bond. In season 5 she has become pregnant from a relationship with a man named Goodluck but later in the season, she is married to him. It is also known that he has repeated classes since saying he was around 20 years old and still in SS3.

Samuel Ajibola as Spiff
Pablo and Lizzy’s son, Lucky’s adopted son later in the show. He appears to be very stupid and is Abulu’s partner in crime. Around season 4 he finds out his actual mother is a woman named Lizzie who gave birth to Spiff after being in a sort relationship with Pablo and then traveled to London for 20 years

Kunle Bantefa as Pablo
Spiff’s father. He is usually seen in the Johnson house begging for money or looking for getting rich quick ideas which normally end in failure.

Gaji Samuel as Mohammed
The family gateman. He appears to be illiterate, sleeps on night watch and has a strong Hausa accent.

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