List Of Cast Of Hustle (Africa Magic’s Brand New Comedy (dramedy) Series) And Their Real Names


List Of Cast Of Hustle Nigeria (Dramedy) And Their Real Names

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Today we are will tell you everything you need to know about Hustle Nigeria (Dramedy).

Things You Need To Know about Hustle Nigeria (Dramedy).

Hustle is Africa Magic’s brand new comedy (dramedy) series that focuses on the lives of those living with a hustle spirit in the dynamic city that Lagos in Nigeria.

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A young boy goes to Lagos in search of a better life, thinking things will be smooth but finds out he was totally wrong.
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List Of Cast Of Hustle Nigeria (Dramedy) And Their Real Names

Below are the List Of Cast Of Hustle Nigeria (Dramedy) And Their Real Names.

Seun Ajayi As Dayo Olanikpekun

Dayo Olanikpekun has just moved to Lagos from Jos in search of opportunities. He’s more fluent in Hausa than his native tongue – Yoruba, hence the nickname Aboki.
Dayo was raised to believe your word is your bond and with the added ingredient that he wears his heart on his sleeve, Dayo is as gullible as they come!
His Hustle?
He wants to make something of himself so that he can finally come out from his elder brothers’ shadow and prove to his parents that he too is a son they can be proud of.
His elder brother seems to have it all figured out as he has continued the family tradition of being a lecturer and his parents are proud of him. Question is, can Dayo do the same?


Cindy AKA The Londoner is young, pretty and has an unmissable British accent. She’s that cute girl next door and thus the other ladies in the compound they all reside are envious of her, especially Uzo even though she has a cordial relationship with Cindy.
Cindy is also Mama Sekinat’s niece and wants to be acknowledged for her brains and not her beauty. She strives to be independent and thus has ended up in this neighborhood because she has turned down the assistance of her parents.
Her Hustle?
Cindy dreams of becoming a successful career woman in the media industry. She looks up to Oprah Winfrey and similar ladies who have become renowned icons in the world of entertainment. She sees her immediate predicament as just part of her rags to riches story.

Maurice Sam As Acid

Chukwuka Anozie AKA Acid is Dayo’s childhood friend and roommate.
Even though he also grew up in Jos, Acid was born to be a Lagosian! He is the ultimate hustler personified.
Always working on a scheme, Dayo is certain that his latest plan promises to be the next big thing, although that’s usually not the case!
His Hustle?
He just wants to make money to live the good life. Every day he sees rich guys and gals at the club and the life of luxury they enjoy and has vowed to become a permanent member of that club.

Mama Sekinat

During the week she sells locally brewed herbs and alcohol but comes the weekend she’s a professional party crasher! Mama Sekinat is a mother of two who loves the good life and uses her meager earnings to live life to the fullest! Plus you can never miss her as she’s unmistakably loud, talkative, and simply tells it like it is!
Her Hustle?
She wants to cater for her two children and somehow become one of those big society ladies that end up being the subject of tabloid magazine stories. Crazy right?

Mr. Benson

Mr. Benson has been a resident of Lagos all his life. He is the one everyone turns to for advice but that doesn’t mean he likes it and subsequently he has grown increasingly resentful of people constantly coming to him for wisdom.
Generally, in a dark mood and not the friendliest of people, it’s no wonder people are slightly scared of him.
Simply put, Mr. Benson is your typical Lagos man who has seen it all in this town and his experiences have made him pessimistic, weary and guarded.
His hustle?
Seeing as he is approaching his twilight years, Mr. Benson is working hard to make sure his beloved Eminado Bar is a thriving business that can care for him and his family.

Osere Joseph

Even though Osere AKA Ose fancies himself as a struggling actor, he hasn’t even been to an audition in the last five years! Instead, he’s channeled his creativity into forging an excellent career in… begging! In order to garner the sympathy of unsuspecting people, Ose takes on the role of various characters and roams the streets of Lagos begging for money.
Some days he acts like a job applicant who desperately needs money to get to his job interview. While others you’ll find him at a bus stop near a hospital begging to raise money to pay up hospital bills. Either way, when there’s money to be made, Ose will find a way to make it!
His Hustle?
Ose wishes for nothing more than to someday make enough money which he’ll use to produce his own movies. Of course not only will this make him a big-time producer, he plans to star in his own films too!


Mama Sekinat’s son is extremely stubborn! He is currently pursuing his career as a budding music artist.
However, Rasak is also the neighborhood rascal who can’t seem to stay out of trouble!
Will the 18-year-old ever make it as a music star?


Uzodinma is a nice decent lady who after suffering a series of disappointments from deceptive suitors has a new approach to life: be a bad girl! The only problem with this beautiful, sensitive and socially awkward lady’s plan is that she is inherently a nice person thus even the simplest tricks in the book tend to overwhelm her.
Uzo has a two-pronged plan to escape poverty.
The first: in the lottery! Thus she spends a good sum of her income playing Baba Ijebu. Her second option is marrying rich. Thus, just like the lottery, she’s worked out her dating life to a game of chance.
The more guys she strings along, the more likely she’ll find one who is willing to marry her. Question is, will either of these strategies work out?
Her Hustle?
Sending money back home every month for her parent’s upkeep and her siblings’ school fees


Kudi is Mama Sekinat’s adorable niece. Her parents are back in the village and she lives with Mama Sekinat who is her guardian in Lagos.
She may be young but that hasn’t stopped her from being very sharp-tongued and almost borderline disrespectful to the neighbors!
Her Hustle?
Kudi wants only one thing: to finish first in her class!

Ensure that you do not miss Hustle which is Africa Magic’s brand new comedy (dramedy) series that focuses on the lives of those living with a hustle spirit in the dynamic city that Lagos in Nigeria.
It follows the lovable Dayo, a gullible but optimistic young man who moves to Lagos with dreams of making it big but learns very quickly that things aren’t always as they seem through the colorful and hilarious characters he comes across.


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