How to Add And Remove Numbers on Airtel Line Family and Friends

How to Add Family and Friends on Airtel Line 2019  | Airtel Family and Friends | About Airtel Family and Friends

Have you heard about  Airtel Family and Friends tariff? No? Then this article is right for you! Find out how to add family and friends on Airtel!.

Airtel has created a tariff whereby you can put all your favorite numbers in a list and then enjoy a discount every time you call these numbers.This is called “Airtel Family and Friends”.

Airtel Family and Friends Tariff Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) a product service with which discounted call prices are made available and accessible for registered Airtel numbers.
Actually, this service is perfect for all Airtel prepaid clients. It was created in order to allow subscribers to get closer to their loved ones and maintain that strong connection.

Airtel family and friends That is why, if you often called some specific Airtel numbers such as your mother, father, child, boss or colleagues you don’t need to pay the regular call fees on subsequent calls to their numbers.
You just need to get them registered on Airtel Family and Friends list, and you will start enjoying discount every time you call them.
In other words, you will have more talk time with them.

How to register family and friends on Airtel

Family and Friends is a discounted tariff service available to all Airtel Prepaid customers.
The service was crafted with you the subscriber in mind. It brings your family and friends even closer with discounted rates on calls made to favorite numbers registered on the Family and Friends (FAF) service.

 About Airtel Family And Friends | How the service works

You have the liberty to add and remove as many as 5 numbers on the Family and Friends Service. Please note that registration is free for the first 5 numbers only.
Subsequent registrations are charged at a flat rate of N50.

How To add a number On Airtel Family And Friends

Dial the following USSD string – *141*2*NUMBER# e.g., *141*2*08080000000#

How To remove and delete numbers From Airtel Family And Friends

Dial *141*3*NUMBER# e.g. *141*3*08021234567#

How To view Airtel your list of registered numbers

Dial *141*5#

Airtel Family and Friends call rates

The tariffs for the FAF service are uniform across all tariff plans:
        Peak Periods (6 am – 9:59 pm): 25 Kobo per second.
       Off Peak Periods (10 pm – 5:59 pm): 21 Kobo per second

How To View your list of registered numbers on Airtel.

If you want to view your list of registered numbers, simply dial Airtel family and friends code: “*141*5#”.
Airtel Call charges for Family and Friends list Please note that while the FAF call rates that are cheaper, there is no discount to enjoy on SMS sent to these numbers.
Also, the charges for these numbers on your Airtel family and friends list are the same regardless of which tariff plan you are on.
The Airtel Family and Friends list of call charges Throughout the Peak Periods, which are usually between 6 am and 9:59 pm, calls made to your family and friends numbers will only attract a rate of 25 Kobo per second.
Airtel care Throughout the Off Peak Periods, which are usually between 10 pm and 5:59 pm, calls to your family and friends number will have the rate of 21 Kobo per second.


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