Are weddings Supposed To Be Expensive? Find Out Here

Are weddings supposed to be expensive? Find Out Below

More often than not, we tend to focus more on weddings than we do in an actual Marriage.  And yes a wedding is important but it is not the most important thing, staying married is. 
Are weddings supposed to be as expensive as we make it out to be? 
No, it is not.  Just because you didn’t hire the most expensive makeup artist, or photographer or wear the most expensive dress does not mean you didn’t have a wedding. 
Weddings are supposed to be beautiful and somewhat intimate.  And it’s okay if you want a big wedding with extravagant things, so long you can afford it. 
Don’t bury yourself in debt because you want to become the talk of the town.  
No matter how amazing your wedding is, people will forget about it in weeks and if you accumulated debt to make it big, none of those wedding guests will help you pay it off. 
Aim for the best in everything you do.
  But sometimes, we can be blinded by the flashes of life that we forget the most important thing and that’s so long you are marrying someone you love, no one else matters.  
The world may complain about your dress but it is your dress and it is your wedding.  Don’t kill yourself to impress people that don’t even deserve to be in your life.

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