Davido reveals That He Have Been Dating Chioma For 5 Years

“I’ve been dating Chioma for 5 years – my baby mamas were side chics”, Davido reveals

Besides gifting Chioma a N45m Porsche car, Davido made it to the headlines today for other reasons, one of them being how his baby mamas tried to trap him with pregnancy when his heart was with Chioma, the love of his life.
While Sophia Momodu was busy staging a silent war with Davido’s 2nd baby mama, what the public didn’t know was that Sophie never had a place in Davido’s heart. She only used pregnancy to try and trap Davido because she thought he was young and naïve. To her greatest surprise, the singer gave her the shocker of her life. She was just a side chic.
Same goes for his second baby mama. All the while, Davido had a secret lover, Chioma. He revealed he’s been dating Chioma for 5 years. Chioma could have chosen to get pregnant for him. But she didn’t because she isn’t greedy and desperate. For that reason, she won Davido’s heart ultimately, which is why the singer is so crazy over her.
In Davido’s world, finding her kind is rare! Davido revealed this after a fan trolled him over his Porsche car gift to Chioma on her birthday. The troll said: “Well time will tell. We glad you found love. Just kinda too sudden but then hey.” In response, Davido wrote: “If 5 years is sudden, then okay.”

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