Duncan Mighty, My money doesn’t come from oil bunkering


My money doesn’t come from oil bunkering: Duncan Mighty clears the air

Nigerian artiste and self-acclaimed Port Harcourt first son, who was accused of using his sister’s sanity for money ritual, and also accused of making money from oil bunkering, has come out to debunk the rumor, saying his money is legit.
According to him, his money is not a product of any illegal dealing. He made this known during an interview session with Saturday Beat where he categorically stated that he has been able to make a good life for himself through hard work and the special grace of God. He said he doesn’t understand why people would lay such allegation against him.
However, he suspects that it could be because he came from a poor background, and people can’t seem to imagine how he rose from nothing to becoming the big shot that he now is. He even said that music is not his source of wealth. According to him, he has businesses that put food on his table, one of them being a construction company he runs.
He extended some sort advice to his colleagues in the industry, telling them to invest their music money in other areas, especially when they are still trending, as their fame will help boost that business. Fans don’t believe him anyway.


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