WWE LATEST NEWS: Big Change To Be Bade Bo 205 Live | Big changes are Going To Be Made For The Cruiserweight Division

 WWE LATEST NEWS: Big Change To Be Bade Bo 205 Live

Will 205 LIVE stop being filmed live?

Big changes are in store for the Cruiserweight division
Big changes are in store for the Cruiserweight division

What’s the Main Ponit?

Earlier today some rumours surfaced that the WWE was looking to branch out with content that utilises new media tools, with a Facebook LIVE show potentially making use of the possible intergender tournament that the WWE recently trademarked.
However, this alleged Facebook LIVE show is rumoured to have a severe impact on 205 LIVE.

In case you didn’t know About This…

The WWE recently filed for a trademark for the ‘WWE Mixed Match Challenge’ which hints at a possible match stipulation, tournament or show.
The ‘mixed’ part also suggests that there could be a cool intergender spin to it. However, all of this is just speculation at this point.
Whilst the announcement of a new WWE show exclusive to Facebook LIVE is an exciting thing, it seems that it will come at a cost. Pro Wrestling Sheet has reported that this new show will take place in the usual 205 LIVE spot after SmackDown LIVE, meaning that 205 LIVE might become, well, just 205.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the show would premiere in January and go live on Facebook after SmackDown goes off the air. This means 205 Live would no longer be filmed live. We’ve heard the idea of filming the cruiserweight show before SD Live has been discussed, but it’s unclear if this will be the plan going forward yet.

All of this is pure speculation until the WWE officially announced the new show when it will air on Facebook LIVE and what will happen to 205 LIVE, but I can’t help but feel that the loss of the LIVE part of 205 will be a major blow to the Cruiserweight division.

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That being said, there’s a possibility that the pre-recorded aspect of filming 205 LIVE before SmackDown LIVE will actually benefit the show and the Superstars as they might be able to do riskier spots safe in the knowledge they can try again if it doesn’t come off well on camera the first time.

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