Top 3 Foods That can kill your Erection Faster Than You Can Imagine.(Warning to Men:)

Name Of Food That Can Weak Man Reproductive Organ

Have you ever found it hard to get into the mood with your partner, or maybe you cannot get yourself up again after just the first round?
It could be what you just ate
All these embarrassing displays can ruin ones s3x life which have a direct influence on how healthy and happy any relationship can be.

A lagging s3x drive and poor erection could be the result of what you’ve been eating. Of course, it’s not always about food.
Poor erection can be attributed to a number of factors, including sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Often, antidepressant medications are the culprit. Other times, stress or drug and alcohol abuse can play a role.

Smoking, along with all of its other terrible health effects, can diminish s3xual desire and satisfaction, especially in men.
“Smoking has a direct, negative effect on the s3xuality of a man on every level,” says Panayiotis M. Zavos, PhD, Altering bad habits, like smoking and excessive drinking, in order to encourage better overall health, will no doubt be beneficial to your s3xual health as well.
Now lets talk about the kinds of food that may be affecting your performance on bed.
And this may have been the same cause of mine before
Generally any food type that makes us gain weight can affect one’s libido as well but below are some foods that could be ruining your pleasures.

Fried Foods

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Fried foods definitely don’t do your s3x life any favors. Trans fats found in fried foods dramatically decrease the male and female libido, according to Medical Daily.
Consuming trans fatty acids can also cause abnormal sperm production in men and interferes with female gestation. You and your significant other would be wise to skip the french fries at dinner, since they could be at fault for more than one s3xual problem.

Processed Carbohydrate

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Any refined carbohydrates, like those found in bleached white flour and white rice, are bad news for your s3x drive. This includes many pastas, cereals [rice and wheat], breads, and snack foods like crackers, cookies, and chips.
Men’s Fitness explained that large amounts of refined carbs will cause your testosterone levels to decrease. The sugars from these carbohydrates can make men gain weight and raise estrogen levels as testosterone is depleted. Reach for good carbs like vegetables and whole grains instead.

Sugary foods/Drinks

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You must have heard the popular saying that “Sugar is your enemy?”
Or you must have ever had that embarrassing experience where your dick just refuses to charge when you need it most, this is what we call “Sugar Crash”
Sugar from soda drinks, sweet, ice-cream, so called energy drinks etc can crash your libido and erection in a twinkle of an eye causing you embarrassing moments with your partner.

 Top 3 Foods That can kill your Erection Faster Than You Can Imagine.(Warning to Men:)


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