Actresses Offer Sex For Movie Roles — Nollywood Actress, Seyi Hunter

Actresses Offer Sex For Movie Roles

Seyi Hunte

Nollywood actress, Seyi Hunter, who claimed she was a virgin sometimes back thereby sparking reactions within the online community has revealed in a recent interview with Potpourri that female actresses give up their bodies for movie roles.
The actress who had once claimed money was more important to her in a relationship revealed that she has since grown past the level of offering her body for movie roles.

The actress and film maker while speaking on the subject confirmed the doubts of many about the Nigerian movie industry.

Nollywood actress, Seyi Hunter said:
“Film makers like ass-licking and I’ve passed that stage of licking asses, so it’s the job I see that I do. You’ll be surprised the rate at which ladies offer their pussy to get roles, and these are known faces!

“Acting isn’t paying my bills or feeding me, someone else would have given up but it’s a hobby for me, something I love and enjoy doing, so I’m not going anywhere.

“I already made up my mind to improve on my productions and feature in them, plus the jobs I’m getting, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

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