2 Lessons I Learnt From My Grandmother Say’s Actress, Victoria Inyama

Actress, Victoria Inyama Narrates The 2 Lessons She Learnt From Her Grandmother 

Victoria Inyama
Victoria Inyama-Okri was a popular face in Nollywood before she relocated to the United Kingdom, in a recent chat with Allure Vanguard, the mother of three revealed how people often take advantage of her kindness.

 Actresss Victoria Inyama-Okri Narratea The Lesson She Learn From Her Grandmother Here.

“I grew up with my late grandmother. She taught me so much, unfortunately she taught me how to be an open and honest person.

I say unfortunate because the people in my generation are not as good as the people in her generation so my openness and niceness are most time misunderstood for stupidity, most people take advantage of these but hard as I try, I can’t change,’ she lamented.

However, when asked to share a bit about herself that people don’t really know about, the fair-skinned veteran said: “If I share a bit about me that people don’t know then the people will know. So, I won’t tell you about the inner me.”

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