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Victor Moses biography and tribe| Victor Moses profiles.

A lot of people have heard about the talented Nigerian footballer – Victor Moses. 
Currently, he is the winger or wing-back for Chelsea, the Premier League club, and the Nigerian national team (super Eagle). 
But i know you will be asking your self many Question like: 

. what about his life history?

. Where is Victor Moses from and what is his story?

 Today we will tell you everything you need to know about Victor Moses of Chelsea. 
Victor Moses

Victor Moses life history

Victor Moses biography
ThIS Nigerian professional footballer was born on 12th of December in 1990. His place of birth was Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up as a happy child in a family of Christians. Everything was good until little Victor got to the age of 11.
That day in 2002 was like any other day. Victor, who at that time already fell in love with football, left the house to play with his friends. After a while, he returned home, and the things he saw would never leave his memories. Pastor Austine Moses and Mrs. Josephine Moses, his lovely parents, were dead. It was said that they were killed by Muslim youths during a Christian and Muslim riot.
It was heartbreaking for little Victor Moses. Almost right away he went to London with his uncle as an asylum seeker. The boy was devastated, and the only thing that could take away the awful memories of his tragedy was football. Besides playing, he also attended the Stanley Technical School in South Norwood.
Football clubs in Victor Moses early life
Victor Moses early
He ended up playing for Cosmos 90 FC in the Tandridge League. Victor Moses said: “I started playing for a team called The Cosmos in the Tandridge League before I went for a two-week trial with Palace. They must have liked what they saw.”

The “Palace” he mentioned, was the Crystal Palace, the professional football club in London. Because of his talents, the club recommended him to the Whitgift School. The school is known to be the place where Colin Pates was the football coach (he is a former Chelsea star). Victor played for three years for the Crystal Palace and Whitgift. During this time he:

✔ Scored over 100 goals;

✔ Helped Whitgift win many School Cups;

✔ Scored five goals at the National Cup and led the Whitgift to victory.

Quite successful for a teenager, right? During the next few years he played for Crystal Palace, then, and the end of January 2010 he was transferred to Wigan Athletic (a move which earned him £2.5 million). He left Crystal Palace due to the financial problems of the club. There was even a time when Victor Moses could choose bigger clubs instead of Wigan Athletic. The footballer commented on that: “There was no point in me going to a bigger club and sitting on the bench. I got a chance, and it was the right decision”.

Victor in Chelsea
Victor Moses in Chelsea
Before long, Victor Moses grew into one of the great footballers at Wigan Athletic. In the season of 2010-2011, he suffered two injuries but soon got back on track.

At the end of the season, he was valued at almost £10m when Chelsea called him. He decided that it is time to grow and on 24 August 2012 the transfer to Chelsea was completed. He took part in the League Cup game that became his first debut for Chelsea – they won 6-0 with him scoring the first goal. He was also named “the Man of the Match” for his brilliant play in the League Cup against Manchester United.

Victor Moses also scored in the Premier League and Champions League during the games against Swansea City and Shakhtar Donetsk respectively. He was quite successful – he scored in his first Europa League game and the Europa League Final.
For the next two seasons (2013-2014 and 2014-2015) he signed a season-long contract with Liverpool and Stoke City respectively. There were some good games during the seasons, but the end of 2015 was unfortunate for Victor Moses – he got a bad hamstring injury and could not play for the rest of the season.

In 2015-2016 he returned to Chelsea but not for a long time – he signed a season-long loan with West Ham United. However, before signing the loan with West Ham United, he signed a contract with Chelsea that lasts until 2019. This season, he is playing for Chelsea and was even sent off to the FA Cup Final. But Moses biography does not end here!

Victor Moses playing for the homeland
Victor Moses Nigeria
Despite being from Nigeria, he played for England for a long time. He played under 16, 17, 19, and 21 teams until moving to the Wigan Athletic. In 2011 he was chosen to play for Nigeria. Victor accepted the offer and helped the home team win the Africa Cup of Nations. Victor said “It has helped [my confidence] a lot. It was a great honor for me to win it and represent Nigeria at the same time. Winning meant a lot to the people. They have never won anything for 19 years, and it is a massive thing for them”.

Facts about Victor Moses


Here are some quick facts about the famous Nigerian player:

➤ Victor Moses age is 26;

➤ He supported Arsenal while growing up;

➤ He is the PFA Fans’ Premier League Player of the Month: November 2016;

➤ Victor is married and has two children – son, Brenley and a daughter, Nyah;

➤ He is featured in EA Sports Fifa 13 Ultimate Team.

➤ Victor Moses tribe is Swahili. 

Victor Moses is a great example of a dedicated person. Even though he had a tragedy in the past, he continued on and became one of the successful footballers. Victor Moses biography is inspiring and makes you think about your life and appreciate your loved ones. We hope to see more great games in the future! And we are proud that this great footballer was born in Nigeria.

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