See How 9mobile {ETISALAT} Pay Their Staff

See How 9mobile {ETISALAT} Pay Their Staff

9mobile Salary Structure in Nigeria – How 9mobile Pay Staff

9mobile Salary Structure in Nigeria – How 9mobile Pay Staff.

9mobile Salary Structure in Nigeria… Did you know that 9mobile Nigeria {ETISALAT} is on the list of telecommunication companies that pays well in Nigeria in terms of their salary structure and scale?. You will get to know in this article how much the company pay its staff, especially the call center agents. Stay focus and read through.

9mobile {ETISALAT} Salary Structure in Nigeria

9mobile is performing well and it also pays its workers more than other telecommunication companies. Below, we would examine how much 9mobile pays its entry level staffs, specialist staffs and mangers.

How 9mobile Nigeria Pay Staffs

9mobile Entry Level Staffs Salary Scale: Although you can not compare how much Etisalat Nigeria pays their staff, with how much oil companies pay theirs, but Etisalat Nigeria still pays better than telecommunications giant MTN. As of 2017, the telecommunication company pays its entry level staff about N1,700,000 per annum.


This is moving close to two times what MTN pays. When you break this down, entry level staffs get paid about N141,000 per month. Every entry level staff of 9mobile Nigeria is also entitled to a lot allowances.
9mobile Specialist Staffs Salary Scale: If you have worked hard for a considerable amount of time you should get promoted to the position of a specialist at 9mobile Nigeria. When you reach this position you will begin to earn more money on a monthly basis. Specialist staffs of 9mobile Nigeria earn about four times the money entry level staffs earn.

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