13 Things Student Have to Do Before Preparing for JAMB – 2018

 13 Things Student Have to Do Before Preparing for JAMB – 2018

Top 13 Things to Do Before Preparing for JAMB – 2018


Follow the Top Secret Below;

  • Make for yourself a scheme of study or a reading pattern.

  • Be dedicated to your studying schemes.

  • Set in mind self reliance towards achieving success in the exams. Don’t depend on some other person, or indulge in malpractices as an aid to your success.

  • matioAvoid key points. They are not fully detailed in inforn concerning a particular topic. Make use of textbooks with elaborate information. And also make use of past questions and answers.

  • Test yourself periodically, I.e weekly, as an aid in covering certain topics and in order to prepare you for the actual exams.

  • Study according to the syllables, and the topics as contained in the syllable should be your main focus, in order to avoid reading without precision.

  • Detach yourself from much leisure activities, e. g hanging out with friends, seeing movies and social medias/networking.

  • Apply for jamb yourself, so as to boldly stand for the subject combination selected on the day of the exam.

  • Indulge in C. B. T training so as to improve your dexterity skills.

  • Revisit any topic from any subject that is not yet clear for you to understand, and you can have a group of people to brainstorm /share possible solutions with/. Remember, no man is an island.

  • Go for your jamb lesson in a good jamb lesson center. Not a place where the teachers are unserious. That is very important.

  • Finally, Work as if it all depends on you, and pray as if it all depends on God.

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